Adrian Lockett

Is a tall and handsome, professional African American actor and model

He stands 6ft 2inches in height. He was born October 19, 1986, Hailing from a little town by the name of Butler in West Alabama. He’s always had big dreams of being on the big screen. Lockett began his career in 2013 from nothing then on to share the screen with prominent figures such as Will Farrell, Kevin Hart, & Rapper T.i. In blockbuster hit movie ‘Get Hard’. It wasn’t long after that he continued and worked hard then found himself in the movie ‘Man Down’ with Shia Labeouf which was confirmation to him that he was on the right path. Since declaring fame he’s been in major movies like ‘Tales From the Hood 2’ & Black Water with Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Lockett is no stranger to hard work. He’s landed major ad campaigns and he’s been on numerous billboards to say the least. He’s work worked with big time producers and directors such as Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, Rusty Cundieff, and Ang Lee. To pursue his career more effectively, he moved to L.A. to attend the New York Film Academy. There he worked on his Bachelors degree in the Fine Arts so that he can be more effective in the industry and battle for roles against other great actors to make him more of a prominent name.


And, currently working to make the number much more.

As a mechanic in the military attached to infantry, he believes that all of his training was preparation for the route that he’s on now. To all aspiring people to follow his lead, he wants you guys to know that “No” doesn’t mean never, it just means not now. As a young man from the country parts of the nation, anything is possible if you believe in yourself and in God and have a sick work ethic–